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November 21, 2003 - New article:
  • "Lawless and lovin' it" - The Toronto Sun, 11/21/03
  • November 17, 2003 - New items:
  • "Lucy Lawless still kicking butt" - The Toronto Star, 11/17/03
  • "Stuntwomen Bring Out Stars at AFI Fest" -, 11/15/03
  • Lucy at the New Zealand pre-Oscar party - Reuters, 3/21/03
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    • Reuters : Pics of Lucy at a pre-oscar dinner to celebrate New Zealand's film making and creative talent, at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles. (March 21, 2003)

    • Sunday Star Times (NZ) : "Dicing with death all in a good cause", on Lucy jumping off Auckland's Sky Tower "in a bid to stop child abuse" (June 29, 2003)

    • Reuters : Lucy caught while attending ceremonies honoring actor David Spade with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (September 5, 2003)

    • The Hollywood Reporter : "'Xena' Star Lawless Swings Into WB Series", an article about Lucy's new role on the WB's "Tarzan". (September 9, 2003)

    • The New Zealand Herald : "Xena takes on studio over profits", discussing how Lucy and Kevin Sorbo are suing Universal for shares in the profits from their respective shows. (October 2, 2003)

    • STUFF (NZ) : "Lucy's role in new-twist Tarzan series", another article about Lucy's new role on the WB's "Tarzan". (October 5, 2003)

    • UGO Online : "Lucy Lawless Interview", on what she's up to now, commentary on Xena Season Two, and Lord of the Rings. (October 14, 2003)

    • TV Guide Online : "Lucy Lawless Meets Tarzan!", another article about Lucy's new role on the WB's "Tarzan". (October 17, 2003)

    • : "Lucy Lawless Enjoys Being a Girl on 'Tarzan'", another article about Lucy's role on the WB's "Tarzan". (November 1, 2003)

    • : "QSAT: Lucy Lawless", an interview with Lucy "about her lesbian crush on a certain young movie starlet, her love of Cosmos and appearing nude on-screen". (November 1, 2003)

    • : "Stuntwomen Bring Out Stars at AFI Fest", a blurb about Lucy and Renee attending a showing of "Double Dare", a documentary about two stuntwomen, one of which is Zoe Bell, who doubled for Lucy on "Xena". (November 17, 2003)

    • The Toronto Star : "Lucy Lawless still kicking butt", an interview with Lucy on "Tarzan"'s production being stopped, about her narration of the Discovery documentary series "Warrior Women", and on her plans for the future. (November 17, 2003)

    • The Toronto Sun : "Lawless and lovin' it - The Warrior Princess knows how to take a good Canadian ribbing", an interview with Lucy about hockey and the infamous National Anthem incident, about narrating the Discovery series "Warrior Women", and on her plans for the future. (November 21, 2003)

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